What if Music Never Existed?

What if Music Never Existed?

No matter what your current outlook or appreciation for music is, the influence on the role of music is undeniable. In fact, it’s challenging to comprehend where the world would be without the landscape of music.    Virtually every genre of artistic expression is influenced by music one way or another. Without music, how would

The Art of Deep Listening to Music

When discussing anything related to the subject of music, virtually every person has a different way of how they typically listen to music. Although there it varies person to person, most people tend to fall under a few primary examples of how they listen to their favorite tunes. People generally listen to music when they’re

How I Discovered Guitar

Although writing about this is typically best suited for people who have made a name for themselves, some of you might get some form of interest and entertainment out of this. Since I can remember, I’ve always had a fascination with music in every degree. Despite my early adolescence struggle with speech, I had a

Music Recommendations #7

Welcome to Music Recommendations, a series of blogs dedicated to recommending music I find enjoyable. These blogs will cover a wide range of music I’ve recently discovered or have enjoyed for a long time. My purpose in writing these blogs is to promote positivity and happiness pertaining to music, rather than be critical of music I