Radiohead – Live in Gdynia, Poland (June 2017)

Radiohead – Live in Gdynia, Poland (June 2017) Recorded at: Open’er Festival, Gdynia, Poland on 28th June 2017 Poster by: Madeleine Badayei Setlist: 00:00:27 Daydreaming 00:06:53 Lucky 00:11:27 Ful Stop 00:17:14 15 Step 00:21:47 Airbag 00:26:49 Myxomatosis 00:31:07 All I Need 00:35:28 Pyramid Song 00:40:42 Everything in Its Right Place 00:46:09 Bloom 00:52:38 Identikit 00:57:57 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 01:03:28 Idioteque 01:07:42 The Gloaming

Guest Mix: 70s Indonesian Psych, Funk & Disco with Westside MuzeeQ | My Analog Journal It’s an exciting time to be alive for my family as my eldest brother Anthony has his wedding this upcoming week. Anthony and his fiance have been preparing for this moment since they got engaged over two years ago. It was originally booked in May of 2020, but like everything else, it got delayed

Kurt Cobain on The Beatles If you have an interest in rock music or music in general, it’s safe to assume you have some level of enjoyment and respect for Nirvana and The Beatles. Even though the two groups were a part of entirely separate generations, it’s immeasurable just how influential both bands were.  Thus, whenever I see a

Mac Demarco: How A Goofball Became the Prince of Indie Rock Late-night drives are usually accompanied by a Mac Demarco record, preferably his 2017 release This Old Dog. No matter what mood I’m in, it puts me in a calm state while hearing the sensational tranquility tied to his music. I’ve been a fan of Mac Demarco for a few years and the genre of