The Last Thing You Hear Before You Die: Everywhere at the End of Time

The Last Thing You Hear Before You Die: Everywhere at the End of Time Volksgeist recently did a video on the last thing you hear before you die, and more specifically, a highlight on Everywhere at the End of Time,  a series of Music from the Caretaker that explores dementia, its advancement, and its totality. A subject like death is obviously a serious one and one that is

Anthony Fantano’s List of the 55 Best Rappers of All Time Like everyone else who has any sort of interest in the music field, I’ve been a follower of Anthony Fantano and TheNeedleDrop for a number of years now. Recently, Fantano did a video on what he felt are the 55 best rappers of all time. This list isn’t in any particular order but is

Live Music Recommendations #33 – Daniel Caesar: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert Daniel Caesar is one of my favorite modern R&B and Neo-Soul artist in today’s musical landscape. His two full-length records are immaculate and are filled with a particular sound of soul that’s challenging to come by in the mainstream world. Above is a video of Caesar and his band performing on NPR Music’s Tiny

What Got You Into Music? | A Look at How Everyone’s Music Journey is Different

The music spectrum is a broad one to say the least, no matter how intricate you might feel the music you create or listen to is. Whether you’re someone who prides themselves on finding the most obscure records, you listen to whatever Pitchfork or TheNeedleDrop say are good records, or you’re more of a normie’