Album Recommendation: Alex G – Trick

Album Recommendation: Alex G – Trick Part of the reason I have such a strong love for record stores is the ability to discover new music from a physical medium. As great as it is to stumble upon a piece of music you’ve never heard before on the internet—through Reddit, YouTube, or whatever means, it’s even more of a rewarding

Music Recommendations #14 – What I Have Been Listening to?

Truth be told, I hated the previous format of music recommendations as I tried attaching Amazon affiliate links to everything I wrote about album-wise. Although affiliate links can make me some additional income down the line, I don’t care all that much. I’d rather just write about records I enjoy without having to list them

5 Albums to Expand Your Taste in Music | Alfo Media Any video that details a number of records that are worth highlighting for expanding a person’s music taste is always a must-watch for me. Considering this video was from Alfo Media, I knew it’d have a nice mix of albums worth checking out, even if I listened to them already. Not to sound like

Music Recommendations #13

It’s come to my realization that I haven’t posted a music recommendation in quite some time. Whether you’ve been reading along or not, I do enjoy recommending various records and singles to people. Lately, I’ve been taking a music listening trance to some records I enjoyed from my adolescence.   It’s always fun to go