Live Music Recommendations #5 – Rage Against the Machine – Live Woodstock ’99

Live Music Recommendations #5 – Rage Against the Machine – Live Woodstock ’99 Rage Against the Machine is one of the most iconic bands for all of the right reasons. Their songwriting, sound, message, and everything surrounding the band is something not many bands can accomplish.   This live music recommendation is Rage Against the Machine live from Woodstock ‘99. Woodstock ‘99 has a lot of notoriety

Live Music Recommendations #4 – Pink Floyd Live Astronomy Domine (1968) Although Pink Floyd is primarily known for their string of records in the 1970s, the group made headlines with their incredibly unprecedented and versatile sound demonstrated in the late 1960s.    Originally fronted by Syd Barrett until 1968, even the group’s early work was a clear example of how Pink Floyd was decades ahead

Live Music Recommendations #3 – Sunny Day Real Estate Live VHS (1999) There isn’t anything I miss more than live music. Fortunately enough, platforms like YouTube grant me some form of relief by allowing me the ability to watch live concerts from the past. This post of Live Music Recommendations features a performance by emo-rock pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate. As I’ve spoken in previous articles,

Live Music Recommendations #2 – Smashing Pumpkins – Live in San Francisco (1994)

At this point, I’m beginning to miss concerts, but not in the sense that I’m dying to go out. Considering it’s a general privileged standpoint to whine about missing concerts, it could be worse. Like I’ve done since my adolescence, I’ve always had an intense infatuation with live music. Not necessarily from an in-person experience,