Live Music Recommendations #21 – Brockhampton – NOVO 2018

Live Music Recommendations #21 – Brockhampton – NOVO 2018 Yet another live music recommendation is upon us, which means it’s time for me to discuss a recent concert I’ve watched. Recently, I’ve begun to watch various live performances from alternative hip-hop group Brockhampton. This group became on my radar in 2017 after they dropped three incredible full-length records in one year, which not

Live Music Recommendations #20 – Code Orange – Under the Skin Code Orange is one of the most prominent and notable metal bands of the 21st century. Since forming in 2008, the group has progressed unlike most bands in the genre, adding elements of industrial hardcore, glitch-noise, and experimental metal most bands typically don’t venture too far into nowadays. The group has outdone themselves yet

Live Music Recommendations #19 – Bad Brains – Live at the CBGB’s 1982 As far as punk history goes, it’s impossible to discuss the matter without mentioning Bad Brains. Since forming in 1977 in Washington, D.C. the group is regarded as punk legends for being the pioneers of hardcore punk, though the band’s members have opposed this term to describe their music. CBGB was a New York

Live Music Recommendations #18 – Led Zeppelin – DVD I (1970) My early beginnings of listening to music mostly comprised of classic rock artists my dad showed me as a youngin’. Of these bands, Led Zeppelin has remained as one of my favorite iconic rock bands from the 1970s. Generally speaking, most guitarists have some sort of infatuation with Zeppelin, making it a natural fit