Live Music Recommendations #62 – Jon Stewart Show – Gin Blossoms “Hey Jealousy”

Live Music Recommendations #62 – Jon Stewart Show – Gin Blossoms “Hey Jealousy” Somedays you just need to watch a live Gin Blossoms video for no real reason. Who doesn’t love a good Gin Blossoms track? It’s such a neutral piece of music, you might as well be a soulless demon for not digging it. Not to be dramatic, but c’mon, it’s great! Above is a very

Live Music Recommendations #61 – Turnstile – Live at Mohawk Austin – Austin, TX 9/2/2021 Turnstile has been on a tear as of late, releasing their incredible third studio album Glow On and now in the middle of a tour supporting it. I love hardcore and what Turnstile is accomplishing right now will propel the genre even more into the forefront than it already is. I’m hoping I can

Live Music Recommendations #60 – TURNSTILE “GLOW ON” LIVE AT THE CLIFTON PARK BANDSHELL – BALTIMORE, MD (FULL SHOW) Turnstile has emerged as one of my favorite groups over the last few years, especially with their latest release Glow On. The way a hardcore group combined elements of hardcore with dream pop is something I haven’t seen before in the genre. It’s certainly not the most innovative record by any stretch of the

Live Music Recommendations #59 – Radiohead – Live in Lima, Peru (April 2018) Who doesn’t love Radiohead? For yet another live music recommendation, here is a performance by Radiohead in Lima, Peru from April of 2018. A great mix of tracks in the set and an all-around excellent show. It’s remarkable how solid the band has managed to sound all these years. Check it out! Setlist: 00:00:19