Live Music Recommendations #64 – Soundgarden 7/22/92 Bremerton, WA “Lollapalooza”

Live Music Recommendations #64 – Soundgarden 7/22/92 Bremerton, WA “Lollapalooza” One consistent factor of my life has been my pure enjoyment of viewing live concerts on YouTube. I haven’t changed in that regard since I stumbled onto the site in 2008. What’s better than watching live music from home? Maybe actually being at the gig, but hey, this is still pretty great. Nevertheless, above

Live Music Recommendations #63 – Super American – Big Day In: 2020 (LIVE AT GCR AUDIO) Super American perform a live set for WUB Music at GCR Audio in Buffalo, NY. Originally aired December 13, 2020. Engineered & Mixed by Jay Zubricky Video by Aidan Licker 1. Commitment Issues 2. Neon Lights 3. Estoy Eternamente Lo Siento 4. Chlorine Fight Song 5. Untitled 6. Why We’re in the Streets 7.

Live Music Recommendations #62 – Jon Stewart Show – Gin Blossoms “Hey Jealousy” Somedays you just need to watch a live Gin Blossoms video for no real reason. Who doesn’t love a good Gin Blossoms track? It’s such a neutral piece of music, you might as well be a soulless demon for not digging it. Not to be dramatic, but c’mon, it’s great! Above is a very

Live Music Recommendations #61 – Turnstile – Live at Mohawk Austin – Austin, TX 9/2/2021 Turnstile has been on a tear as of late, releasing their incredible third studio album Glow On and now in the middle of a tour supporting it. I love hardcore and what Turnstile is accomplishing right now will propel the genre even more into the forefront than it already is. I’m hoping I can