Live Music Recommendations #68 – Cloakroom – Brooklyn, NY – 5.15.22

Live Music Recommendations #68 – Cloakroom – Brooklyn, NY – 5.15.22

Feet First Productions has a great video of Cloakroom and the group’s performance in Brooklyn a few days ago. I’m currently dealing with another bout with COVID-19 (I’m triple vaxxed and had COVID-19 FYI) so I’ll be watching countless live videos and movies over the next few days until my quarantine is over. Yay for

Live Music Recommendations #67 – Wet Leg – Live on The Porch

I’m realizing now that I haven’t had a Live Music Recommendation in a while. As a result, here is Wet Leg and the group’s Live on The Porch performance. I can’t get enough of this band and their indie rock and post-punk sound. It’s something extremely infectious and catchy to the point where I’m listening

Live Music Recommendations #66 – Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You Live on SNL As much as SNL has declined over the years humor-wise, the show still remains one of my favorites for viewing concerts. You can say all you want about the show not willing to take risks in comedy and its more-or-less PG humor, but the music portion still rocks. Nevertheless, Frank Ocean’s performance of Thinkin

Live Music Recommendations #65 – Turnstile: MYSTERY /T.L.C. (TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION) | Seth Meyers Never thought I’d see the day where a hardcore band like Turnstile gain as much appreciation for their work in a mainstream sense as they have this past year. It’s quite remarkable and Turnstile is truly opening the doors for so many bands to come. Nevertheless, this Live Music Recommendation features Turnstile performing a