Live Music Recommendations #75 – Sons of Kemet Full Set | From The Basement

Live Music Recommendations #75 – Sons of Kemet Full Set | From The Basement Nothing better than relaxing at home on a Saturday. I wrote quite a bit yesterday and am looking for other writing revenues to plan for 2023. Substack has intrigued me, but I’m unsure how many people will tag along. I suppose we’ll see. Regardless, in this live music recommendation, watch Sons Of Kemet’s full

Live Music Recommendations #74 – Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah | Nihon Seinenkan | Tokyo, Japan | 1/31/1995 Recently stumbled upon Jeff Buckley’s debut record Grace from 1994, and what a fantastic album. Moments like this make me appreciate knowing about the artist and record, but boy, do I wish I had known about it sooner. I’m almost mad at myself for not knowing about this in the past. Better sooner than

Live Music Recommendations #73 – Nirvana – 7/13/89 – Maxwell’s – Hoboken, NJ Stumbled upon this early Nirvana live video where the group played at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1989. This would’ve been two years into the band’s history, and it’s well-done thanks to audio sync from the channel and others. Check it out! Nirvana – 7/13/89 – [AMT1 + Taper Audio Sync] – Maxwell’s

Live Music Recommendations #72 | Metallica – Ride the Lightning (Buffalo, NY – August 11, 2022) I, unfortunately, missed Metallica’s performance a few weeks back in Buffalo, and it’s a reminder that I need to see the band someday. Thankfully, they uploaded a few pro shots of the concert, with my favorite Metallica track, Ride the Lightning, being one of the tracks uploaded. Check it out! Filmed at Highmark Stadium