The Parts You Don’t Hear – Nick Drake

The Parts You Don’t Hear – Nick Drake Nick Drake was an immaculate English singer-songwriter from the late 1960s and 1970s who had a craft for melancholy vocals with a subtle plucking guitar. As notable as Drake is today, he only had three records throughout his short career and failed to achieve a wide audience when he was alive. The short career

Vinyl Rewind’s Top Ten Albums of 1969 As I prepare to make my top music lists for the conclusion of the year, I’ve been checking out some various lists from writers and YouTubers I admire. More specifically, Vinyl Rewind is a compelling channel that details itself as being your home for vinyl related content on YouTube. Each week, new uploads feature

Sound Field On How to Get a 10 From The Needle Drop A few months back I saw a video from Sound Field on music criticism and how an artist can theoretically achieve a perfect score from Anthony Fantano, a music critic who runs The Needle Drop. It’s compelling in the sense that Anthony Fantano is one of the most notable critics in the current medium

Live Music Recommendations #29 – American Football: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert Given that I have a natural love for true emo music from the 1990s and the early 2000s, a live show from American Football will always grant a viewing or two from me, especially when it’s an NPR tiny desk concert. Nevertheless, this particular concert is quite compelling from the group as they perform