Happy Sunday, Here’s an Indie Jazz Playlist

Happy Sunday, Here’s an Indie Jazz Playlist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t91-jd3gDE Ah, Sunday, the most wearying and tedious day of the week until football season comes around. Even then, I feel odd rooting for a bunch of meatheads who are worshipped by society for whatever reason. Regardless, I hope your weekend has been enjoyable. Nevertheless, here is an arbitrary Indie Jazz playlist! Go Yankees, Sabres,

Stumbling Into a Record Pop-Up Store

I didn’t expect to buy some records today, but here we are. After playing a round of frisbee golf with my brother Anthony (embarrassing I know), my mother called me informing me of a record pop-up store she saw while getting a haircut. The pop-up store was only 20 minutes from me so I figured

Today is a Great Day to Listen to ‘To Be Kind’ By Swans

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qDq9eGUmMI&list=PLIwgH5JZBQRAnYRSKgqc644W4ix2XBohL Ahhhh, Friday, the magnificent day of the week that people cherish for whatever arbitrary reason. I’m almost done typing for the day and can’t wait to give my hands a break from the tedious SEO writing that keeps me busy and underpaid. But hey, I shouldn’t complain that much. It could be worse. I

Live Music Recommendations #58 – Slipknot Debut Ozzfest Performance May 27th 1999

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmIrGCWgxac Seeing early performances from iconic groups is arguably my favorite component of YouTube. I love going back and seeing artists perform prior to when they made it. With the recent loss of Joey Jordison, I figured I’d take a stroll back into some old Slipknot videos before the group became as established as they