Joe Morganti | OutOfShapeMusic - Part 177

Music Recommendations #1

Welcome to Music Recommendations, a series of blogs dedicated to recommending music I find enjoyable. These blogs will cover a wide range of music I’ve recently discovered or have enjoyed for a long time. My purpose in writing these blogs is to promote positivity and happiness pertaining to music, rather than be critical of music I

unknown. | Short Film

Never did I expect myself to venture into the world of film-making to any particular degree. However, I find myself in a sense of amazement at my pure enjoyment from this experience. unknown. is a short abstract film I made for one of my college classes. It’s an odd representation of the normality faced during

Where Do We Go From Here?

BUFFALO, NY – Where do we go from here? A question that not only has an existential demeanor attached to it, but a profound reality tied to our current predicament. The unfortunate truth with our current reality makes individuals feel bleak and sorrowful as to what’s to come next. It’s nearly impossible to look at