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What I’ve Read So Far In 2021

Sometimes I’m not in the mood to type out a music blog for whatever reason. Could be a result of having a natural monotonous thought train toward the subject or simply wanting to discuss a topic that’s on my mind. With that being said, reading and literature have been on my mind as of late.

Alexis Marshall From ‘Daughters’ Releases Immaculately Haunting Debut Solo LP Daughters quickly became one of my favorite groups with their chaotic and unnerving 2018 release You Won’t Get What You Want. So, when I saw Daughters vocalist Alexis Marshall released his debut album House of Lull . House of When on July 23rd this year, I was immediately drawn into hearing Marshall’s sound in

Listen to My New Band ‘SPACED’

Photo By Prismavice I play guitar in a new far out hardcore band out of Buffalo called SPACED. This four-track demo is the beginning of something new, and it’s the first time I’ve ever been in two bands at once (I’ll link it below). I’m thrilled to be a part of another musical project and

Happy Sunday, Here’s an Indie Jazz Playlist Ah, Sunday, the most wearying and tedious day of the week until football season comes around. Even then, I feel odd rooting for a bunch of meatheads who are worshipped by society for whatever reason. Regardless, I hope your weekend has been enjoyable. Nevertheless, here is an arbitrary Indie Jazz playlist! Go Yankees, Sabres,