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Live Music Recommendations #41 – The White Stripes: Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (Live) – SNL Even though I’ve never been a huge fan of SNL, I’ve always had a strong appreciation for their live performances. My childhood dream of performing includes the long-awaited goal of playing on SNL at some point. Although it’s an impossible task in and of itself, it’s worth dreaming, right? Nevertheless, this live music recommendation

Happy Monday | Old Songs As a Lofi Remix Monday is usually the worst day of the week as it’s the beginning of work, which no-one enjoys. Even myself who is digging what they’re doing, it’s still a drag of a day, especially after the bills lose. I’m not as upset as most bills fans as it was the best football season I’ve

An Introduction to Math Rock While searching for a video to discuss before the bill’s playoff game, I found a video from Trash Theory discussing an introduction to math rock. Math rock is defined as a musical genre encompassing progressive and indie rock with roots in bands such as King Crimson and Rush as well as 20th-century minimal music

Japanese Indie/Alt Rock While Seeing Birds Fly Away I’m still unsure why I’m so intrigued by these random Japanese music compilations, with the latest being Japanese Indie and Alt Rock. Regardless, I’m starting to lose track of time, as I practically forgot today was the weekend. I’m not sure if it’s a result of the pandemic or being done with school and