Joe Morganti

How Woodstock 99′ Erupted Into Chaos If you know anything about some important aspects of music history, then you more than likely are aware of the utter chaos attached to Woodstock 99’. As great as festivals like this are for the longevity of live music, you can’t deny the truly awful details and stories from Woodstock 99’. Above, is a

Mac DeMarco and the Age of Indie Music During the Digital Age Roughly a year ago, PBS NewsHour did a story on Mac DeMarco and his ability to be a successful Indie artist during the digital age. The modern medium for achieving music success is constantly changing, with many feeling captive to the technological landscape behind music promotion. Still, the modern era hasn’t stopped an artist

The Parts You Don’t Hear – Nick Drake Nick Drake was an immaculate English singer-songwriter from the late 1960s and 1970s who had a craft for melancholy vocals with a subtle plucking guitar. As notable as Drake is today, he only had three records throughout his short career and failed to achieve a wide audience when he was alive. The short career

Vinyl Rewind’s Top Ten Albums of 1969 As I prepare to make my top music lists for the conclusion of the year, I’ve been checking out some various lists from writers and YouTubers I admire. More specifically, Vinyl Rewind is a compelling channel that details itself as being your home for vinyl related content on YouTube. Each week, new uploads feature