August, 2020 | OutOfShapeMusic

The Rise Of Livestream Concerts During COVID-19

The modern age of COVID-19 has plagued across the globe, resulting in countless casualties, deaths, the closing of businesses, evictions, and much more. With no real-end in sight aside from a potential vaccine, we have adjusted and made this modern reality our new normal.   As sorrowful of a time we find ourselves in, it’s

Live Music Recommendations #16 – Pink Floyd The Wall – Live in Earl’s Court 1980 At this point, I might as well transition this blog into a solely dedicated Pink Floyd writing piece. Considering I write about the group once a week, my obsession with the band is a bit more obvious than any of the other band’s I deeply enjoy. However, since this is my blog, I truly

Henry Rollins – What’s In My Bag? One of my favorite YouTube series is Amoeba’s What’s In My Bag? For those who don’t know, the award-winning series features artists and various celebrities sharing what they found shopping at Amoeba. Basically, it’s a music recommendation tied into finding out what people dig music-wise. Amoeba is a legendary music store located in Los

Live Music Recommendations #15 – Sonic Youth – Live at Campo Pequeno Lisboa 1993 Yet another live music recommendation is upon us, which always seems to brighten up my day. As mundane or tedious each day seems, at least we have music to cheer us up. Although that statement is a bit of cheese-fest, does it matter all that much? I can go on forever, but who cares