June, 2020 | OutOfShapeMusic

Music Recommendations #9

Music Recommendations is a series of blogs dedicated to recommending music I find enjoyable. These blogs will cover a wide range of music I’ve recently discovered or have enjoyed for a long time. My purpose in writing these blogs is to promote positivity and happiness pertaining to music, rather than be critical of music I

Will Concerts Come Back?

Whether you’re a musician or a fan of music, you’re most likely waiting for the day live music makes it remarkable return. No matter the guidelines or exact requirements for a live show to happen, we’re all in a sense of purgatory waiting for our favorite experiences to return back to normality. Although some states

What Makes a PERFECT Album?

Music is subjective, meaning one opinion isn’t going to be true with every individual. Even records that are regarded as some of the best pieces of work in the field are hated by someone out there in reality. Basically, there are actual living human beings in the world that hate The Beatles. Are those people

What is the Future of Music Stores?

Looking at the hypothetical analysis of anything is difficult in and of itself, but especially when it comes to the subject of music. Considering the vastness of the field and everything related to it, it’s exceedingly difficult to pinpoint the exact future. Despite this primary warning tag, predicting the future of anything is a fun