Guest Mix: Psychedelic Cumbia with Krishna Villar | My Analog Journal

Tuesday is an odd day of the week. It’s right after the dreadful beginning of Monday and is barely closer to the betterment of the weekend. Still, as I’m no longer at school, it’s a better experience than I would’ve thought years ago. Truth be told, I forget what day it is more often than

The Rise of Slowthai | Volksgeist

I first discovered Slowthai after his debut album Nothing Great About Britain was released to critical acclaim in 2019. Although I’m not one to jump on the hype-train with most things, I can see why so many people were raving and are still raving about Slowthai. His debut release was packed with elements of grime,

Live Music Recommendations #46 – Gleemer on Audiotree Live (Full Session)

The weekend is almost to an end, a notion that’s never a good thing to hear for most people. I used to loathe Sundays as a child due to it being the end of my freedom away from school. Although I eventually found a love for school, my early days consisted of a strong distaste

Japanese Indie Rock While Running a Marathon

The weekend is here, making it a perfect time to sit back and enjoy some Japanese Indie Rock. Lately, I’ve been on Discogs way too much, searching for obscure albums from arbitrary bands that lasted less than a year. I’m not sure what’s provoking me to desperately search for these records, but it’s fun owning