Sunset Drive | Jazzy Beats | 1 Hour Playlist I’m having the time of my life on tour with SPACED right now. England is quite a fascinating place, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. For now, enjoy this sunset drive playlist that features jazz beats for an hour. As depicted in the video, it’s inspired by those warm summer drives at

An Analysis of OK Computer If you know anything about me, then you know I’m a massive Radiohead fan and specifically love Ok Computer. I think the record is perfect, and it’s been a significant portion of my life since I was 13. Stemp has a great video analyzing the record, diving deep into what makes it so unique.

Track Highlight | Lesley Duncan – Love Song I recently watched the film Men and fell in love with its soundtrack, particularly the song Love Song by Lesley Duncan. The track gained popularity in 1970 after  Elton John recorded a duet with Duncan of the song for his album Tumbleweed Connection. A few years later, Duncan appeared onstage with John at the

Order My Bands Debut 12″ | SPACED – Spaced Jams

SPACED released a compilation of our entire discography plus three new songs on Friday, titled Spaced Jams. I’m gassed to finally have something printed on vinyl, so consider ordering one here. Tracklist 1. Prove You Wrong 2. Tear It Apart 3. Point of View 4. Not Like You 5. Bad Energy 6. Your Universe 7.