Oud Masters on Vinyl | Vinyl Rewind Discovering new music has always been an essential part of my musical interest and taste, especially as of late. Given that the pandemic has made it extraordinarily boring throughout most of the year, you might as well take the time to dive into new genres. Recently, My Analog Journal did a video for Oud

Cozy Christmas Coffee Shop Ambience with Smooth Jazz Christmas Music, Crackling Fire, & Cafe Sounds I normally don’t have any emotion or reaction to Christmas music, or any holiday-themed music in general. Still, this random piece of coffee shop smooth jazz was enough an eye-grabbing title for me to check it out. As every other person in humanity has said at one point or another, it’s that time of

The Last Thing You Hear Before You Die: Everywhere at the End of Time Volksgeist recently did a video on the last thing you hear before you die, and more specifically, a highlight on Everywhere at the End of Time,  a series of Music from the Caretaker that explores dementia, its advancement, and its totality. A subject like death is obviously a serious one and one that is

Happy Holiday | Jazz Records from Romania to Check Out

Thanksgiving has always been one of my least favorite holidays, never really understood the point of getting together with family to eat food. Still, this doesn’t take anything away from the numerous people who love Thanksgiving as they do. Everyone has their own opinion and just because I have a distaste or non-love for Thanksgiving