The Beautifully Strange World of Outsider Music | Alfo Media No matter how experimental a particular record might be, realize there’s more than likely a more out-there record you have never touched upon. For a more obscure experimental type of music, lays the genre outsider music, music created by naive musicians that have a novel characteristic that represents their sound. It’s challenging to describe

ALBUM HIGHLIGHT: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Trout Mask Replica

As I age and my music appreciation grows, I feel the need to discuss random records I’ve come across that I feel are worth highlighting. Thus, I am going to be writing a number of Album Highlight articles for the foreseeable future. I hope to cover all sorts of genres and great records, with video

Daughters – What’s In My Bag? | Amoeba Amoeba’s Whats In My Bag? is one of my favorite quick shows to watch on YouTube, as it’s always an interest of mine to see what people are listening to. I especially love to see when an artist I highly admire discusses what records they bought and why they like them. Since their release

Japanese Jazz on Vinyl with Yemeksepeti Banabi | My Analog Journal Since graduating from college, I feel odd about what’s to come next. For years, my ultimate goal consisted of obtaining a degree, to then pursue music to the fullest. Although my band has a full-length record recorded, it’s unsure when we’ll release it, making my music endeavors at a bit of a standstill. However,